10 Questions to Ask Before You Buy a Trailer!

Before you buy your next trailer, make sure you ask these questions.

1. What type of axle do you use? (Spring or Torsion)

2 .What brand of axles do you offer? (Dexter or Lippert)

3. What type of framing do you use? (Steel or Aluminum)

4. What type of tire? (Radial or Bias Ply?)

5. What Type Wheel? (Steel Painted (White or Silver) or Aluminum)

6. Bumper Pull Trailers, What Type of A-Frame? If the trailer is 8.5 does it have a triple tube

(This is the 3rd member of the tongue that strengthens the tongue and the weight it can take)

7. A-Frame Length? Make sure when hauling with a motor home that you have at least a 54” extended A-Frame.

8. What type of nose will be on the trailer? (V-nose & Size, Bullnose with round front cap or flat front)

9. Interior Height of trailer? What will the interior height be when you have a finished trailer with all your options installed.

10. Ramp Door Height opening? Making sure you can get whatever it is you are hauling into the trailer.

When choosing your next enclosed trailer, make sure to deal with someone who has your best interest in mind. Good 2 Go Trailers will do just that. Every customer gets a full detailed proposal sent to them along with being able to review it in detail with our G2G Trailers Team.

It is our mission to help our American Veterans. We can only do this with our customers help. With every new enclosed trailer purchased, Good 2 Go Trailers will donate a portion of that sale back to a veterans group to help our American Heroes. We can not do it without you!!!

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