Enclosed 5th Wheel Trailer

Enclosed 5th Wheel Trailer - More Stability and Maneuverability

If you are an experienced hauler who is looking for more trailer space and plenty of robustness, an enclosed 5th wheel trailer might be what you are looking for. An enclosed 5th wheel trailer offers some unequivocal benefits over bumper-pull style trailers. 


One of the main advantages is stability. Enclosed 5th wheel trailers offer less sway and can pull more weight than a bumper trailer because the tongue weight falls over the rear axle of the tow vehicle instead of the back of the frame. Also, it offers more maneuverability. This is especially more beneficial if your trailer is large and contains valuable cargo. These trailers are perfect for those who love doing outdoor sports like riding snowmobiles or ATVs.


Are you in need of an enclosed 5th wheel trailer? If so, contact Good 2 Go Trailer Sales.  We have over 17 years of experience and take pride in doing business with integrity. 

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